Speech Synthesis & Analysis Software

15 Apr

Speech Synthesis & Analysis Software

The display of the Speech Recognition screensa...

"Hello." (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

  • CVoiceControl speech recognition system for KDE and X from Daniel Kiecza (replaces his KVoiceControl)
  • Emacspeak a speech output system for Emacs
  • Emu “…a collection of software for the creation, manipulation and analysis of speech databases”
  • Festival
    • Festival speech synthesis system
    • Festvox a suite of tools for building synthesized voices for Festival
    • Flinger a MIDI-to-speech synthesis system based on the Festival package
    • Flite a light-weight alternative to Festival for voices built using FestVoxi
    • TkFestival nice Tk GUI for Festival
  • FreeTTS Java-based text to speech synthesis
  • GVoice adds voice control to Gtk/GNOME applications
  • IMPSKE GUI for Klatt formant synthesis algorithms
  • ISIP Speech Recognition Toolkit lists many other interesting speech-to-text tools
  • Kalman Filtering and Speech Enhancement software and a diploma thesis by Jan Kybic
  • KPE80 Klatt speech synthesis GUI
  • KTTS the excellent KDE text-to-speech synthesis system
  • LiarLiar voice stress detection software
    • MBROLA easy-to-use CLI speech synthesis project
    • MBRDICO talking dictionary using MBROLA for speech synthesizer
  • Open Mind Speech speech recognition for Linux, formerly known as FreeSpeech
  • Open-Source Speech Recognition Initiative (OSSRI) a new project that intends to “… develop continuous-speech recognition software with command-and-control functionality that runs on Open Source platforms such as Linux”
  • Praat “…a comprehensive speech analysis, synthesis, and manipulation package” for phoneticians and other sound researchers
  • Puh Editor “… a tool for collaborative annotation of multimodal spoken language resources”, requires the SNACK audio toolkit
  • Screader a software/hardware screen-reader for the visually impaired
  • SFS Speech Filing System, excellent set of X-based and command-line tools (see FTP archive for UNIX/Linux versions)
  • Speakup allows a blind user to hear all output directed to the console, currently supports only the Double Talk internal synthesizer
  • Speech Links a formidable collection of speech-related WWW, ftp, and newsgroup links
  • Speex patent-free codec designed especially for speech
  • Sphinx open-source speech recognition from CMU
  • Sprachsynthese unter Linux speech synthesis with Linux, an excellent article by Michael Renner (text in German)
  • Transcriber “…a free tool for segmenting, labeling and transcribing speech”, requires the Snack package
  • VoiceApp “program to visualize sound waves via FFT”
  • Voxpak is “a GUI for playing, editing, renaming etc. voice and fax messages”
  • XVoice “..enables continuous speech to text dictation for many X applications”
  • comp.speech very informative Web page with FAQ
  • rsynth
    • rsynth the venerable speech synthesizer, required by many TTS readers
    • rsynth on SourceForge provides sources under the Artistic License and the GPL
  • speechd-el Emacs speech output interface from Milan Zamazal
  • spwave “a speech file editor supporting several sound formats”
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One response to “Speech Synthesis & Analysis Software

  1. Zachariah Callaway

    April 15, 2012 at 8:37 am

    Wow, great list. Defininitely going to try some of these voice input devices. Thank you for the list. As far as the text readers though, my favorite that I don’t see listed is the Ubuntu text reader found here:


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